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Birth of a Name

Published 8 November 2018

A 1952 discussion of where and when the word “television” was coined

Previewing Television

Published 17 September 2018

A radio reviewer looks on incredulously at the coming of television to the United States in 1935

Audience Research

Published 25 September 2017

A look at what’s popular and how popularity is measured from the BBC in 1961

Television at Earls Court 1955

Published 15 May 2017

Your guide to the latest television designs on display at Earls Court in 1955

The day television caught fire

Published 23 July 2014

The big event that brought television into the lives of the masses

What to watch: 27 January-2 February 2014

Published 27 January 2014

BLOG: Our guide to what’s worth watching and listening to this week

What to watch: 13-19 January 2014

Published 13 January 2014

BLOG: Our guide to what’s worth watching and listening to this week

What to watch: 6-12 January 2014

Published 6 January 2014

BLOG: Our pick of the best TV and radio for 6-12 January

Gushing press release for programme demotion

Published 4 March 2011

Yesterday may have been seen by some as a day to bury news. Maybe that’s why the BBC Press Office snook out a press release about QI.

Local TV – “a bigger programme budget than Channel 5”

Published 16 February 2011

Every time I hear anything about Jeremy Hunt’s plans for a new local TV network, I have this tendency to roll my eyes and sigh. His dream of a network of local TV stations, broadcasting to cities and regions sounds all very grand and good – and desirable. Yet Mr Hunt seems oblivious to the fact that it almost inevitably seems dooned to faliure. Local TV has never worked in Britain.

Age concern

Published 11 January 2011

Just like other long-established media sectors such as the music industry, television seems to have its own set of unwritten rules in terms of how people are handled within its…

“We now have a World Wide Web page…”

Published 16 December 2010

Don’t forget to have your pen and paper handy to write down the address!

Are we getting too obsessed with the box?

Published 28 May 2010

Is the world just getting too obsessed about always being able to watch TV?

Daily Express foaming at the mouth (although what’s new about that?)

Published 28 April 2010

I feel I must confess that I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Express. Well, who would be? However when my attention was drawn to this particular article, I just had to read. And so you don’t have to feel as dirty as I did, I’ll pull out the relevant quote…

Breaking the news too fast

Published 23 June 2008

On the internet, news can sometimes travel too fast

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