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Freedom versus regulation

Published 13 July 2010

Some people still seem to think that the Jon Gaunt versus Ofcom case was all about freedom of speech, but the reality is that it basically related to the ability…

While stocks last

Published 2 June 2008

Is it too late to save the Whale? Whatever James Whale himself might say, flogging double-sided bed linen, toasters and gold bangles is still a demotion from his previous radio…

More troubles at Talk Sport

Published 6 May 2008

It’s not been a good few years for Talk Sport, the station that former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie fashioned in his old newspaper’s image after buying Talk Radio in 1998…

GCap’s DAB debacle

Published 11 February 2008

As my colleagues here have been reporting here on the MediaBlog, GCap have annouced the sale of Xfm outside London, the closure of all GCap’s digital-only stations on the national…

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