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Oh! What a Night it was…

Published 1 March 2021

STV turns 5 years old with a telethon and a staff party

Haldane Duncan 1945-2018

Published 27 December 2018

Scottish television director Haldane Duncan’s autobiography

Shotgun wedding

Published 18 June 2018

Has the IBA managed to bring peace to the Westward board room? And even if so, will they force Westward to merge with a rival bidder? Peter Fiddick of The Guardian speculates in October 1980

There’s no “I” in STV

Published 7 August 2009

Broadcast Now: Grade slams STV opt outs Michael Grade in “cannot understand STV’s attitude” shocker; who would have thought it? From a purely commercial viewpoint, STV’s decision to drop the…

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