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Going Places

Published 7 October 2022

The roving eye of the television camera can get anywhere these days, bringing sport and pageantry directly to your home

Factsheet 1966: Independent Television Programmes

Published 16 August 2018

An introduction to Independent Television programming in 1966

Let’s Go… again!

Published 8 January 2018

⧉ Alpha’s Saturday sports and features programme ‘Let’s Go’ returns for a second series in 1960

Silence in Sport?

Published 3 October 2017

Should commentators just shut up? The TVTimes asks Southern’s team in 1965

Formula won

Published 29 July 2011

Aside from those wanting Rupert Murdoch’s influence to be curtailed, the News Corporation phone hacking saga so far hasn’t been bad news for BSkyB either, despite the fact that it’s…

Harry Carpenter

Published 22 March 2010

The news of the death of BBC commentating stalwart Harry Carpenter brought back a happy memory of meeting this delightful man at the Open Golf Championship when it came to…

Changing the perspective

Published 28 January 2010

BBC spent £250,000 for better view of Vienna at Euro 2008 It has to be said that the general headline-grabbing tone of this Guardian article is edging dangerously close to…

And that’s why I don’t like cricket

Published 18 December 2008

The battle of what sports the BBC should or should not cover is one which will, inevitably, never draw any consensus.

Playing away

Published 9 March 2008

Premier League goes international?

Soccer Saturday

Published 1 May 2007

A sports broadcasting phenomenon analysed

The Sporting Class

Published 29 April 2006

Television, sport and social class

Choose sport or war

Published 17 July 2003

Damien Cahill watches the broadcasters decide

Ladies and gentlemen, play

Published 17 July 2003

Jeff Bartrop on the BBC/Wimbledon connection

A day attheraces

Published 1 January 2003

Ian Beaumont bets on Channel Four


Published 1 February 2002

Robin Carmody on a time without football

Australian Rules Cricket

Published 1 February 2002

Damien Cahill watches cricket down under


Published 2 January 2002

Robin Carmody on Grandstand and its critics

Football focus

Published 2 January 2002

Jeff Bartrop watches the World Cup


Published 2 January 2002

Damien Cahill on football’s recovery

Premiership problems

Published 2 January 2002

Carl Ellis on the errors in TV rights

Rugby International

Published 2 January 2002

Carl Ellis watches the Super League

A league of their own

Published 2 January 2002

Carl Ellis sees Rugby League spread

Into the premier league

Published 2 January 2002

Colm O’Rourke on how Sky changed football

Regional fun and games

Published 1 January 2002

Carl Ellis’s overlaps ruin a football game

Bad Sport

Published 1 September 2001

Dave Jeffery loathes sport on television


Published 20 May 2001

Tyne Tees’s football programme

Not our fault, squire

Published 1 February 2001

Jeremy Rogers finds no-one to blame

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