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Lies, damned lies and Ofcom

Published 10 August 2009

Coverage of the data presented in Ofcom’s Communications Market Report indicates that many correspondents are not at their best when dealing with statistics. But Ofcom themselves don’t make it particularly easy to do anything other than misinterpret the data.

Spiegel im Spiegel

Published 1 February 2008

I’ve been a technology journalist of one sort or another since 1974, and in my view there are two fundamental requirements for the job: an ability to write, of course,…

Nothing new under the virtual sun

Published 31 January 2008

Eliot (right) and Carolyn’s on-screen ‘avatar’. BBC copyright. Wednesday (Tuesday in Scotland) saw the latest in a new documentary strand, Wonderland, on BBC2. This week it was “Virtual Adultery and…

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