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Who’s cheating who?

Published 21 February 2011

Ever feel that you’ve been had? Some viewers of BBC Three’s reality-cum-consumer advice show The Real Hustle might conceivably feel that they have been duped themselves with the revelation that…

Wall street crash

Published 4 May 2009

Broadcast Now: C4 not up the viewers’ Street There seems to be an endemic problem with programme commissioning nowadays, and it appears to revolve around the types of programming that…

Someone’s Gotta Go – Fox preferably

Published 10 April 2009

Fox are starting a new reality TV programme where cash strapped businesses will let the staff decide which of their colleagues should be got rid off. In ‘Someone’s Gotta Go’ the company books will be turned over, staff salaries will be revealed. And no doubt bitterness and agendas will be at the heart of the show.

Bill Cotton, RIP

Published 11 August 2008

Ex-BBC TV executive Cotton dies The death of Bill Cotton perhaps signifies a form of closure for an era that arguably represented the pinnacle of BBC light entertainment and may…

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