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Ready, Steady, Go runs into imaginative paralysis

Published 29 January 2023

Kids these days, growls Milton Shulman as he refuses to give them their ball back

The Beatles: Wiped Out

Published 30 May 2022

Tracking down missing footage of the Fab Four

Another chance to see… Top of the Pops

Published 3 February 2022

It’s Number One, it’s Top Of The Pops!


Published 6 October 2018

Pete Singleton remembers his personal 1964

Tele marks of 1966

Published 28 September 2018

Fusion magazine looks back over an eventful year for Rediffusion

1964 and all that

Published 6 September 2018

A personal look back at 1964 from David Heathcote

Sunday 6 September 1964 on Southern

Published 6 September 2018

In depth into Southern Television’s schedule for Sunday 6 September 1964

That was the decade that was

Published 28 August 2018

James Green of the London Evening News looks back at a decade (and slightly more) of Rediffusion and ITV in 1967

A goggle of graphics

Published 14 August 2018

An exhibition celebrates Rediffusion’s graphic designers in December 1966

Ready, Steady, Goes

Published 24 July 2018

Celebrating the life of Ready, Steady, Go! as it finishes at the end of 1966

Wired-up for service

Published 17 July 2018

Electrical maintenance: the beating heart of Television House and Wembley

Ready Steady Goes LIVE!

Published 15 May 2018

No more miming as Ready Steady Go moves from Television House to Wembley in 1965

Ready, Steady, Go! The New Year starts here

Published 31 December 2016

Are you planning your Ready, Steady, Go! New Year’s Eve 1964 party?

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