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Easy options

Published 28 July 2008

Plans for reduced public service role are good news for ITV Despite much talk of ‘radical’ solutions being required for the “digital age” – whatever that is, although for the…

Lies, statistics, and ITV viewing figures

Published 17 July 2008

Ofcom chairman disputes BBC’s ‘unique link’ with licence fee payers There’s more than a hint of trying to defend the indefensible when Ofcom chairman David Currie yet again attempts to…

Two-way street

Published 23 June 2008

BBC: ‘We’ll share expertise to save licence fee’ This could theoretically end up being the best solution to the lingering problem of how best to support broadcasters with public service…

Left to its own devices?

Published 4 June 2008

EU minded to block BBC aid for Channel 4’s digital switchover This if anything is potentially good news for both the BBC and (paradoxically) Channel 4, namely that the European…

They want your money

Published 14 May 2008

Andy Duncan ‘fed up’ by Channel 4 funding ‘squabble’ Hot on the heels of the BBC Trust chairman Michael Lyons declaring that the BBC’s piggy bank wasn’t to be raided…

Mind boggling

Published 23 April 2008

Privatise Channel 4, says Big Brother mogul Want a lively debate combined with a whole host of potential contradictions? Then hire Peter Bazalgette as a guest speaker as what happened…

Bad idea, good timing?

Published 8 April 2008

Ofcom puts a quango out of its misery

It was a bad idea to start with

Published 12 March 2008

Ofcom scraps ‘public service publisher’ plans The only surprise was what took them so long, namely Ofcom finally conceding defeat with the (expected) scrapping of the ‘public service publisher’ idea….

Public private partnership

Published 29 June 2003

What is a ‘public service broadcaster’?

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