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Articles about premium rate interactivity

Who’s cheating who?

Published 21 February 2011

Ever feel that you’ve been had? Some viewers of BBC Three’s reality-cum-consumer advice show The Real Hustle might conceivably feel that they have been duped themselves with the revelation that…

It’s a long way down

Published 7 August 2008

Viewpoint: Ofcom is key player in ITV drama So Michael Grade is threatening to hand back ITV plc’s Channel 3 regional licences since it’s now claimed that under the current…

Getting the balance right

Published 1 July 2008

Bannister says anti-fakery regulations are damaging BBC output It may be true that after the recent premium rate interactivity scandals, both television and radio have become rather more bureaucratic as…

Colliding worlds

Published 26 May 2008

A loss of faith In the past, ‘good’ television and film-making has often involved a degree of artifice, so it was perhaps inevitable that TV producers under pressure to produce…

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