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Scandal FM

Published 18 February 2019

Ofcom plans to further deregulate Independent Local Radio. But are things already too lax? Come hear the tale of political corruption at an ILR station in 1994

Election night viewing and listening

Published 26 April 2015

What’s on TV and radio on 7 and 8 May 2015

A pragmatic stance?

Published 25 January 2011

There will no doubt be a lot of people looking at Jeremy Hunt today and drawing a lot of negative conclusions.

Sky low

Published 25 January 2011

I’m no particular fan of this present government. I’m hardly unique in this, but I’m still finding it hard to accept that we appear to have got both the furthest-to-the-right…

Party politics

Published 16 April 2010

What do the mainstream parties have to say about the future of broadcasting?

Asset appeasement

Published 8 December 2009

Government urges BBC to consider Worldwide sell-off HM Government: Operational Efficiency Programme: Asset Portfolio (PDF file) So what on earth is BBC Worldwide doing in a document with unlikely bedfellows…

The right to know

Published 16 October 2009

Parliament and free speech: The right to know The Minton report If ever anyone were still sanguine about the right of free speech in this country, the débâcle this week…

For goodness’ sake, turn off the tweets

Published 5 November 2008

Last night found me glued to the BBC News US Election coverage on the BBC website until I dragged myself away at 3am, with Ohio called for Obama and Virginia…

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