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Articles about ORACLE

Progress in engineering

Published 10 April 2023

Technological developments abound at the IBA: teletext, satellites, standards conversion and much more

ORACLE index

Published 14 February 2023

Your cut-out-and-keep ORACLE index for May 1985

The ‘Emmy’ winner who sent Robin Day to cover sport and made the Minister stop traffic!

Published 11 July 2022

A profile of a man who worked at Ally Pally, ITN, Anglia, Tyne Tees and Oracle – Arthur Clifford

Consulting the Oracle

Published 27 July 2020

Inside ITV’s teletext service ORACLE in 1985

Oracle – Broadcasting the Written Word

Published 26 March 2018

The IBA introduces its experimental ‘Oracle’ service in the early 1970s

Changing the page

Published 31 December 2017

The last few minutes of ORACLE teletext, 25 years ago

Teletext time travel

Published 7 January 2016

Bringing old teletext pages on VHS back to life

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