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Newsgirls who don’t envy Anna

Published 25 September 2023

Anna Ford has become famous at ITN. But what about the other ‘girls’ at your local ITV station?

Another chance to see… regional ITV

Published 21 July 2023

What’s on ITV tonight? There was once over a dozen answers to this question


Published 10 February 2021

ITN staff remember Reginald Bosanquet after his death in 1984

News at 9.00 – news at 10.00?

Published 7 May 2019

Barry Norman in The Times criticises News at Ten in 1971. Thames bites back immediately

The BIG news – from ITN

Published 26 February 2018

Introducing the new News at Ten in 1967

Calling ALL Europe

Published 29 January 2018

How the news gets from Europe to your TV screen in 1967

Ron Davies: courageous cameraman

Published 9 March 2017

TVTimes in 1969 profiles Ron Davies – a cameraman for ITN and Harlech who uses a wheelchair

Battle for News at Ten

Published 19 December 2016

The chairman of the ITA details the fight to get ITN’s News at Ten to air on ITV

News from somewhere

Published 22 October 2009

ITV to drop Big Ben from News at Ten titles It’s no surprise to learn that ITV bosses have decided to partly apportion the blame for relatively low ratings for…

Federation News

Published 1 May 2002

The problems of ITV1’s local news

News At When

Published 1 January 2002

The mistake of messing with the Ten

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