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Saving ITV

Published 29 March 2024

Will the forthcoming collapse of LWT bring down the whole of ITV? Does the ITA or the government even care?

The time has come to smother Crossroads

Published 17 December 2023

Why doesn’t anyone listen to TV critics, asks splenetic TV critic Milton Shulman

Clear evidence of desperation among the boys who write those crime series

Published 12 November 2023

This week, Milton Shulman is disliking ABC’s ‘Intrigue’ on your behalf

These are among the TV shows I call toothless and vapid

Published 24 September 2023

Peyton Place, Dick Van Dyke, Perry Mason, The Munsters, Bonanza and Dr. Kildare don’t suit Milton Shulman

He’s nasty and he’s a stoolpigeon yet a great many viewers like to see him

Published 17 September 2023

Milton Shulman takes a penetrating look at The Informer

Please don’t call me Emma pleads the eminently whistleable at Diana Rigg

Published 10 September 2023

Critic Milton Shulman takes Diana Rigg out for lunch. It must’ve been thrilling for him.

The sporting life could be the death of us

Published 16 July 2023

Milton Shulman sounds a warning note on television sport

This is television nowhere else in the world can match

Published 9 July 2023

Milton Shulman takes a biting look at television

‘Mogul’ needs a new look at its womenfolk

Published 18 June 2023

Milton Shulman on the business types of television

18 hours of old films in one week’s viewing is much too much

Published 4 June 2023

Milton Shulman lets himself go

That Eamonn Andrews show – Is extermination too good for it?

Published 14 May 2023

Milton Shulman loves Eamonn Andrews! Just kidding, he hates him

The drivel and gush of the television serial

Published 16 April 2023

Soap operas: nobody likes them, so why are they top of the viewing charts, asks Milton Shulman

Frost warning; so the message is pull your socks up

Published 2 April 2023

Satire with David Frost on BBC-1? Milton Shulman isn’t a fan

I liked the garlanded Nelson play, but…

Published 19 March 2023

Television plays: yay or nay? Nay, says Milton Shulman

Oh, that maladjusted sense of humour!

Published 12 March 2023

Roy Hudd in a silent comedy commissioned by Frank Muir: sounds good, right? Wrong, says Milton Shulman

A matter of a three letter word

Published 12 February 2023

Milton Shulman loves hating arts programmes

Oh! those awful earbashing programmes

Published 5 February 2023

Talk shows: aren’tcha sick of ’em? asks Milton Shulman

Ready, Steady, Go runs into imaginative paralysis

Published 29 January 2023

Kids these days, growls Milton Shulman as he refuses to give them their ball back

In a TV year That Never Was these were my worst programmes

Published 13 January 2023

Milton Shulman picks his way through the viewing offerings of 1965

Hail the B.B.C. – It’s the most prolific comedy factory in the world

Published 14 September 2022

Milton Shulman prefers BBC comedy to ITV comedy… sometimes

Some of the things Burke (of Burke’s Law) can teach Sherlock Holmes

Published 31 August 2022

Milton Shulman compares Sherlock Homes, Public Eye and Burke’s Law

Five pop shows on television to every two where they talk about politics

Published 17 August 2022

Milton Shulman wants less Ready Steady Go! and more Panorama

What a pity Mr. Jonathan Miller should lose his nerve

Published 3 August 2022

Milton Shulman vents his spleen at arts programming in general and Jonathan Miller in particular

Just for a change why doesn’t Panorama etc get out of the rut?

Published 20 July 2022

TV critic Milton Shulman turns his withering eye on current affairs programming

All these talk programmes – they’re getting worse

Published 6 July 2022

Milton Shulman rages over the quality of TV chat

Is this the root of the trouble with Tonight?

Published 22 June 2022

Milton Shulman, splenetic TV critic, looks at what’s wrong with the BBC’s flagship news show Tonight

BBC ‘Colourful One’

Published 15 November 2019

It’s C-Day! The Controller of BBC-1 and an array of newspaper critics look at what colour will bring to the channel

Can TV’s ‘lost weekend’ be brought to life?

Published 13 May 2019

The leading television critics from the broadsheet newspapers gather in July 1968 to discuss what ITV should look like on weekends when the contracts change

Destination 1974

Published 12 February 2018

The strike over, the TVTimes looks ahead to the new-look ITV in 1968 and beyond

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