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Undermining BBC trust

Published 9 September 2013

BLOG: Looking deeper into the BBC Trust

Newsnight’s chaos and confusion

Published 22 February 2013

BLOG: A lot of faffing about

Thompson’s tactical errors

Published 23 August 2012

BLOG: BBC Director-General gone

I’m with Matthew Wright. Are you?

Published 14 November 2011

BLOG: The BBC’s Delivering Quality First initiative has certainly caused a few headlines for its treatment of local radio, however much less discussed has been its impact on the BBC’s regional TV output. However its changes there have been no less controversial.

Best defence

Published 17 May 2011

Having people like Sir David Attenborough and Prof Brian Cox defending the BBC in front of a Lords communications select committee is worth much more than a thousand “Delivering public…

Open to scrutiny

Published 4 April 2011

Ever since the last administration reclassified the UK TV licence fee as a tax (as opposed to a service charge) in 2006, there has been a theoretical danger that the…

Biased opinion

Published 18 December 2010

Major news provision costs money. Of all people, Mark Thompson ought to know a thing or two when it comes to such matters, as well as the roles and responsibilities…

Who not to trust

Published 14 December 2010

The BBC Trust has predictably had a rough ride since its inception, especially as it was initially created through political expediency as opposed to a natural requirement for change, therefore…

The hardest sell

Published 5 November 2010

Strikes are never nice things even when you have 100% support from all concerned, but when it affects a group of people who appear to have relatively secure and reasonably…

Frozen asset

Published 19 October 2010

It’s true that the BBC has now managed to secure licence fee funding for another six years, but only the most pessimistic would have thought anything otherwise under the circumstances;…

Frozen in time

Published 16 September 2010

Perhaps a very predictable thing to happen to the TV licence fee given recent events, but the decision to freeze the fee until at least 2013 further highlights ongoing weaknesses…

Thompson’s revenge

Published 28 August 2010

It has taken a year after the infamous (and highly predictable, especially in retrospect) James Murdoch speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival for the official “right to reply” from…

Difficult to defend

Published 17 July 2010

This was perhaps inevitable given the scale and nature of recent economic and political events; namely Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt publicly declaring that “he could “absolutely” see viewers paying less…

Marketing defeat

Published 10 March 2010

Pop Justice: Another quick thing about BBC radio then we’ll be quiet BBC chief: 6 Music listeners ‘at heart of commercial radio demographic’ Steve Lamacq attacks ‘public flogging’ of 6…

Top-slicing: Been there, done that?

Published 18 July 2009

FT.com: Archives reveal BBC shared its fee It was perhaps inevitable that historical research into the BBC’s iicence fee would at some point unearth claims that the fee had previously…

Defending their share

Published 15 July 2009

MPs sign motion against top-slicing licence fee Ben Bradshaw attacks BBC bosses It was perhaps inevitable that there would now be open conflict between the BBC and certain government ministers…

The wrong answers

Published 24 June 2009

BBC’s Mark Thompson attacks plans to ‘top-slice’ licence fee BBC pledges crackdown on ‘intrusive and humiliating’ broadcasts If politicians tend to live in a world of their own, as evidenced…

No time for tinkering

Published 19 March 2009

BBC must cut £400m from budget – Mark Thompson Back in December, the BBC’s projected shortfall for the next five years was going to be in the region of £140m….


Published 27 January 2009

How the call for aid to Gaza left the BBC in the thick of battle As the controversy surrounding the BBC’s stubborn refusal to air the DEC Gaza appeal rumbles…

Public argument

Published 21 January 2009

BBC licence fee ‘digital surplus’ could help fund new PSB body, says Ofcom Ofcom: Report summary plus links to full versions Now that the long-awaited report from Ofcom has finally…

Survival path

Published 12 January 2009

BBC director general backs merger of Channel 4 and Five It won’t be long before Channel 4 finds out its long term fate later this month, but before that happens…

Top cuts

Published 29 December 2008

Top Gear budget cuts will be visible, says Jeremy Clarkson’s partner It now seems to be the case that all BBC programming appears to be fair game in the quest…

Thompson’s last dance?

Published 15 December 2008

Strictly Come Dancing voting fiasco sparks 200 complaints Although the BBC has promised to carry over all phone votes on this occasion so avoiding any direct accusations of fraud, the…

Suspension of judgement?

Published 30 October 2008

By suspending Ross and Brand, BBC boss Mark Thompson reveals himself a coward No matter what Mark Thompson and other BBC executives say or do from now onwards in relation…

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