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10 great years for you, for TVTimes and for the stars of ITV

Published 21 September 2023

TVTimes celebrates 10 years as a national magazine

Live from studio 3

Published 23 February 2022

Twice a week, Thames goes live to Teddington’s studio 3 for the show ‘Magpie’

A new service for London

Published 30 July 2021

A nine-year-old turns on Rediffusion in 1968… and gets a surprise

The new look

Published 11 December 2020

Over on our refurbished Thames site, the Reading Evening Post looks in to what exciting programmes the new Thames Television will be offering us in 1968

Newsletter – 29 January 1971

Published 30 October 2018

The goings on inside Thames in January 1971

Making children’s programmes

Published 31 July 2018

Inside ITV’s biggest children’s department in 1977

A Look-in guide to your TV favourites

Published 25 July 2017

Look-in picks the top 16 stars of 1971 and provides some fantastic facts about all of them

✎ One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a really weird historical anachronism

Published 19 January 2017

Magpie gets weird in 1967

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