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Political persuasion

Published 13 October 2010

Whilst the media world awaits Vince Cable’s crucial decision on whether News Corp. should be permitted to further extend its influence with a full takeover of BSkyB, there’s a political…

Thompson’s revenge

Published 28 August 2010

It has taken a year after the infamous (and highly predictable, especially in retrospect) James Murdoch speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival for the official “right to reply” from…

Surplus to requirements

Published 17 September 2009

Ben Bradshaw and Sir Michael Lyons clash over BBC licence fee It’s no wonder that the BBC Trust has turned into little more than a ‘cheerleader’ for the BBC when…

The wrong impression

Published 5 September 2009

Public rejects Murdoch view of BBC, says ICM poll It’s now a week since James Murdoch made his predictably controversial MacTaggart speech that was conceived from the outset to make…

Safe in their hands?

Published 29 August 2009

David Elstein: Murdoch “riled” by Ofcom According to David Elstein, formerly of, inter alia, the BBC, Thames and Channel 5, Ofcom’s “devastating” and “unanswerable” report of a couple of months…

Murdoch claims independent journalism threatened by “dominant” BBC.

Published 28 August 2009

BBC News: Murdoch attack on ‘dominant’ BBC So James Murduch, the head of NewsCorp in Europe, says a dominant BBC damages independent journalism in the UK. The hypocrisy of that…

Family values

Published 28 August 2009

James Murdoch hits out at BBC and regulators at Edinburgh TV festival James Murdoch attacks BBC and regulators in annual MacTaggart lecture speech shocker – who would have thought otherwise?…

Round two

Published 25 April 2008

Murdoch attacks BBC over iPlayer We’ve already had Peter Bazalgette attack the BBC’s public service dominance in a speech this week, so I suppose it just had to be the…

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