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Another chance to see… regional ITV

Published 21 July 2023

What’s on ITV tonight? There was once over a dozen answers to this question

Christmas Day on television… in 2007

Published 24 December 2017

A look at what was on television on Christmas Day 2007

Reshuffling the news

Published 13 September 2011

BLOG: It’s been the way it has been for so long that we just accept it. However I can’t be the only one who finds the fact that at 6pm ITV1 shows the national news after the regional news?

Bleakley and Chiles talk Daybreak

Published 27 November 2010

Much has been said about ITV1’s Daybreak, the replacement for GMTV which, it has to be said, hasn’t got off to the greatest of starts. None of what’s been said has been said by me as frankly I’m a Today programme listener and not even my natural interest could beat my early morning, groggy inertia and make me put the television on. However whilst much has been said in the press and by other commentators, not a huge amount as been said by its stars. Until now.

Primeval returns

Published 29 September 2009

Well if this is not a sad sight for ITV I don’t know what is. For the good news is that Primeval will return (good if you like Primeval anyway!) in a deal with UKTV which will see the programme air on Watch afterwards, and BBC Worldwide become the largest co-production partner.

It’s not just tennis

Published 1 July 2009

ITV1 slumps to all-time ratings low This is rather hard to believe even allowing for ITV1’s lax summer schedule combined with Wimbledon tennis and the slow but continuing growth of…

Gone but never forgotten

Published 19 March 2009

Simon Luxton on the end of regional names on ITV1

30 Years Ago Today

Published 1 February 2007

How has British TV changed after three decades?

Still a place for quality TV

Published 2 September 2006

ITV1’s decline and the future of TV as we know it.

How to save ITV

Published 30 September 2005

“The People’s Channel” is off-course and heading downstream to disaster, says Glenn Aylett

Say hello, wave goodbye

Published 1 February 2003

James Barrington is shocked at the end of LWT

Making your mind up

Published 1 December 2002

The choice for UTV – ITV1 or not?

A new start

Published 1 December 2002

An independent view of LWT’s last day

Branding Sacred Cows

Published 1 July 2002

How ITV1 was always going to be an error

Monkey business

Published 1 June 2002

David Hastings writes on the depressing future for ITV1

A national future

Published 1 February 2002

Ian Beaumont summarises a debate about regional branding

Review of the Year: 2001

Published 15 December 2001

That was the year that was, it’s over, let it go

No Logo

Published 1 September 2001

Ian Beaumont on the death of regional ITV


Published 1 September 2001

Dafydd Hancock knows what ITV1 is missing

Unto the wasteland

Published 1 September 2001

ITV1 is safe, bland, boring and dull says Anthony Heathfield

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