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Articles about industrial action

Carry on Euston

Published 29 November 2019

Over on our Thames Television sub-site, Gary Rodger takes us on a journey to Thames in 1984 as the management put out an emergency service when the staff go on strike

Granada knocked

Published 9 January 2019

June 1970: a prolonged strike at Granada has just finished, but, the Financial Times asks, will they ever recover? And even if they do, surely Coronation Street is now doomed?

Almost a silent night

Published 24 December 2018

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED – almost. Gary Rodger takes us through the industrial dispute that almost closed the BBC at Christmas in 1978

Private Eye’s take on the 1979 ITV strike

Published 25 October 2018

Satirical magazine Private Eye’s view of the ITV strike in 1979

Tonight’s Independent Television… in 1968

Published 15 August 2018

A look at what wasn’t on ITV on Thursday 15 August 1968

Tonight’s Independent Television… in 1968

Published 8 August 2018

A look at what was on ITV in the whole country on Thursday 8 August 1968

✎ Everybody out!

Published 4 August 2017

Listen to a great podcast about ITV strikes…

Welcome home to TVTimes

Published 25 October 2015

The TVTimes celebrates the return of ITV after the long 1979 strike

Everybody out!

Published 1 October 2015

Remembering the strike-torn, strife-worn, cold, wet and miserable… 1980s

Strike Service

Published 7 September 2015

What to do when the network goes down and you have to improvise


Published 2 February 2015

You don’t get me, I’m part of the union

BBC Strikes

Published 4 November 2010

As I type it’s about two hours to go before the start of a 48 hour walkout by BBC members of the NUJ union as part of a protest about pension changes at the broadcaster. The walkout is expected to affect most of the Corporation’s news and current affairs output with high profile casualties likely to include the Today Programme and Newsnight, as well as BBC One’s news bulletins and the BBC News Channel.

You can’t touch me, I’m part of the union

Published 1 June 2004

Glenn Aylett on industrial relations in broadcasting

Drowning Flipper

Published 1 September 2001

Russ J Graham on the tv-am strike

Emergency measures

Published 1 June 2001

The first national ITV service

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