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Who does what in ITV?

Published 22 April 2019

The Independent Broadcasting Authority explains who does what in ITV in this booklet from 1973

✎ Trade

Published 12 June 2017

A YouTube channel of IBA engineering announcements

Direct Broadcasting by Satellite

Published 29 May 2017

The IBA announces that BSB is on its way

Direct broadcasting by satellite

Published 16 January 2017

The BBC in 1986 details what went wrong with the planned BBC/IBA satellite service

Stirred but not shaken

Published 28 December 2014

The Observer in 1980 has an exclusive on what would happen in the next franchise round

The yearbook mystery

Published 23 July 2011

When researching for Transdiffusion features, I often come across titbits of information that don’t fit anywhere. Here’s one of them in an experimental video format.

Future lessons from the past

Published 13 October 2008

As someone who remains of the opinion that what the British Government did in the years 1945-51 to establish major post-war institutions (despite the country being nearly bankrupt) was brilliant…

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