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Five’s loss, One’s gain

Published 28 May 2010

Given the recent growth in HDTV broadcasting, it was perhaps inevitable that the BBC would plan to have more than one high definition TV channel in order to avoid an…

Bad idea to copy

Published 9 November 2009

BBC’s plea for anti-piracy measures on Freeview is turned down It seemed rather strange that the BBC of all broadcasters should suddenly propose something that could restrict an individual’s right…

The future according to ITV

Published 17 October 2008

ITV, Channel 4 and BBC to launch HD channels on Freeview next year We’re told that the future of broadcasting is high definition, yet ITV’s HD proposal for Freeview contains…

HDTV – your personal route to confusion

Published 29 August 2008

A couple of weeks ago I unpacked a Grundig Freesat HD set top box. In the cardboard packing was a set top box, power adapter, SCART lead and a remote…

Compromising options

Published 2 February 2008

Digital Spy: Ofcom’s HDTV plans “jeopardise” Freeview You just have to laugh at the intentions behind some so-called “surveys”. Ask people whether they would prefer five high definition channels as…

Put that thing down!

Published 1 September 2006

So, the World Cup has long since passed, and as a result you’re probably watching the crop of available HD channels on your Sky box and wondering what to do…

HDTV or not

Published 1 July 2006

I wonder if you invested in an HDMI/HDCP-equipped flat panel display and an HD box to watch the World Cup in Hi-Def? Well, let’s not talk about that then. But…

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