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Copy protected

Published 14 June 2010

With the (perhaps unsurprising) announcement that Ofcom has now given the go-ahead for the BBC’s so-called Freeview anti-piracy technology, there’s a real danger that recording TV programmes for posterity could…

Five’s loss, One’s gain

Published 28 May 2010

Given the recent growth in HDTV broadcasting, it was perhaps inevitable that the BBC would plan to have more than one high definition TV channel in order to avoid an…

Bad idea to copy

Published 9 November 2009

BBC’s plea for anti-piracy measures on Freeview is turned down It seemed rather strange that the BBC of all broadcasters should suddenly propose something that could restrict an individual’s right…

Channel 4’s own goal

Published 11 June 2009

Broadcast Now: Five wins final Freeview HD slot Broadcast Now: Freeview HD plans in doubt Whilst bidding for something like a slot on the new Freeview HD multiplex, the very,…

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