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If you want it… come and get it…

Published 4 September 2014

Freeview reorganises again


Published 18 June 2010

The announcement that BSkyB is withdrawing its Sky Sports News channel from Freeview may not be that unexpected but it does raise some interesting unanswered questions in relation to Sky’s…

Copy protected

Published 14 June 2010

With the (perhaps unsurprising) announcement that Ofcom has now given the go-ahead for the BBC’s so-called Freeview anti-piracy technology, there’s a real danger that recording TV programmes for posterity could…

Virgin’s territory

Published 4 June 2010

Virgin Media has finally completed a long-expected deal to sell its TV channels (Bravo, Bravo 2, Challenge, Challenge Jackpot, Living, Livingit, Virgin 1) to BSkyB for £160m, and in exchange…

Paying for Five

Published 2 October 2009

Broadcast Now: Five mulls switch to pay-TV Originally being the smallest of the five ‘national’ terrestrial channels along with having a patchy analogue terrestrial TV coverage area even at its…

ITV no longer free?

Published 6 August 2009

Broadcast Now: ITV digital channels may leave Freeview If such a thing had happened merely two years ago it would have been a bigger deal than it is today. That’s…

The end of free ITV?

Published 2 June 2009

Ah, do you remember the days? Everyone was rushing off pay TV, determined to embrace the world of free to air television. It would be great! Advertising would pay for…

Satellite switchoff

Published 21 May 2009

Radio Today: Bauer withdraws from Sky platform If you want further evidence that commercial radio is still in a spot of bother despite a healthy number of listeners, look no…

The boring company that may play it’s part in saving ITV

Published 23 February 2009

Much of broadcasting is a rather boring sounding but essential business. Take SDN for example. It runs a multiplex on Freeview, meaning it provides the infrastructure that runs a sixth of the digital terrestrial television spectrum.

Oh joy

Published 15 December 2008

Broadcast Now: NetPlay to launch Freeview channel CNN International may be replacing Nuts TV on Freeview in the New Year, and Bid TV may be bidding farewell in deference to…

Pack away the hamper – the Picnic isn’t happening

Published 12 September 2008

It’s been hanging around for goodness knows how long, but finally BSkyB have done the inevitable, and axed its pay TV proposals for DTT.

On the wrong wavelength

Published 28 April 2008

Digital radio needs a makeover, says Ofcom According to Peter Davis who is Ofcom’s director of radio and multimedia, DAB just requires a “Freeview-style relaunch” and also claims that “It’s…

Compromising options

Published 2 February 2008

Digital Spy: Ofcom’s HDTV plans “jeopardise” Freeview You just have to laugh at the intentions behind some so-called “surveys”. Ask people whether they would prefer five high definition channels as…

Review of the Year: 2005

Published 15 December 2005

A look back at a busy year of broadcasting January – Jerry Springer, who’ll buy ITV and a new look to Channel 4. 2005 got off to a bang when…

Freeview: The rise and rise

Published 2 June 2005

Transferring the status quo

Earth & Sky

Published 1 March 2005

Free satellite vs digital terrestrial. DTT wins

Take your pick

Published 1 February 2003

Satellite vs terrestrial. Satellite wins

Digital acorns

Published 1 January 2003

The future of Freeview

Strike two

Published 1 October 2002

Welcome to Freeview

Free to view future

Published 1 July 2002

Micropayment and minibundles: how DTT could have recovered

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