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Copy protected

Published 14 June 2010

With the (perhaps unsurprising) announcement that Ofcom has now given the go-ahead for the BBC’s so-called Freeview anti-piracy technology, there’s a real danger that recording TV programmes for posterity could…

Slowly does it

Published 25 July 2008

ukfree.tv: Why Freesat did not launch with 230 channels At the moment this story has only appeared on one website as well as being fairly one-sided (there’s no rebuttal from…

History not repeating itself

Published 7 May 2008

Money for old soap: ITV press ad from 1989 (Media Guardian) Back in 1989, ITV was obviously feeling the heat from “Mr. Murdoch’s Sky Channel” and the forthcoming BSB as…

Freesat Launches

Published 6 May 2008

Freesat Website Freesat officially launched at 12.30pm today, and here are a few points that may be of interest: – No sign of Channel 4 HD yet even though the…

ITV’s revenge?

Published 2 May 2008

Digital Spy: ITV HD to be Freesat exclusive? This could be a potentially interesting twist to the low-key feud between ITV plc and BSkyB, which is attributed to BSkyB blocking…

Compromising options

Published 2 February 2008

Digital Spy: Ofcom’s HDTV plans “jeopardise” Freeview You just have to laugh at the intentions behind some so-called “surveys”. Ask people whether they would prefer five high definition channels as…

Earth & Sky

Published 1 March 2005

Free satellite vs digital terrestrial. DTT wins

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