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Double eye for the dual region

Published 15 December 2023

What we could have won: ATV’s application for the Midlands ITV contract in 1980

When Noddy and Twizzle met Lew Grade and a High Definition Television System…

Published 24 June 2022

A look at the pre-history of Gerry Anderson and puppets on television

Annual report 1969

Published 1 September 2021

1968 was a busy year for ATV Network, as this excerpt from their annual report for 1969 reveals

Brearley opens, but Chataway’s in the running

Published 19 July 2021

Who’s promising what in the race to be Britain’s first breakfast TV contractor?


Published 31 August 2018

Tony Hancock’s new series for ATV premieres in 1963

The Elstree epic

Published 5 March 2018

The TVTimes in 1967 looks back over 40 years of the Elstree studios

It’s the Muppet Show…

Published 18 January 2018

⧉ Meet the stars of ATV’s new variety programme in 1976…

These are the Plane Makers

Published 13 October 2016

A look behind the scenes at ATV’s ‘The Plane Makers’ in 1963

See what the girls in the backroom will have…

Published 25 August 2014

Some charming sexism from ATV in 1963: what a PA does at Elstree

Save Elstree!

Published 17 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the song and dance campaign to save ATV and Elstree studios

This is Elstree, part 1

Published 4 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the history and development of ATV’s Elstree studios

This is Elstree, part 2

Published 4 October 2010

The second part of Roddy Buxton’s analysis sees ATV Network, ATV Midlands, Daybreak and Central at Elstree

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