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How do we make money?

Published 1 April 2008

So here we are in this new media world. We download our music and give it to our friends, so the musicians who make it don’t get any income. We…

GCap’s DAB debacle

Published 11 February 2008

As my colleagues here have been reporting here on the MediaBlog, GCap have annouced the sale of Xfm outside London, the closure of all GCap’s digital-only stations on the national…

Microsoft strikes again

Published 1 February 2008

For an extended version of this article, click here. It was bad enough that the BBC’s iPlayer excludes tens of thousands of licence-payers by being Windows-only. Now Classic FM, the…

Microsoft Strikes Again

Published 10 January 2008

Why can’t I listen to MyClassicFM?

Some might prefer blank screens

Published 2 August 2007

BBC corrupted by Microsoft In its defence, it’s not exactly the BBC’s fault that a) it’s faced with a choice between DRM-protected downloads and no downloads at all, and b)…

The BBC Sells Out?

Published 1 August 2007

A recent blog entry on the web site www.defectivebydesign.org, under the headline “BBC Corrupted by Microsoft” bemoans the latest development in copy protection. What it is fundamentally about is that…

Measure and Countermeasure

Published 1 January 2007

Hacker web sites and forums have been talking for the last week or two about a claim that the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) copy protection system used on both…

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