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A battle may be won

Published 17 November 2009

BBC fears part of licence fee may still be used for ITV regional news But the war won’t finish unless the BBC learns to stop fighting – that seems to…

Defending their share

Published 15 July 2009

MPs sign motion against top-slicing licence fee Ben Bradshaw attacks BBC bosses It was perhaps inevitable that there would now be open conflict between the BBC and certain government ministers…

Off the rails

Published 3 July 2009

ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart calls for ‘Beeching’ inquiry into BBC Weirdly misappropriate-yet-somehow-highly-appropriate analogy of the month: TV presenter demands inquiry that results in major cutbacks based on short-term desires which…

Radio and Britain’s Digital Future

Published 1 July 2009

If we’re keeping DAB, we need to upgrade it to use modern codecs. But why not skip all that and move the “radio space” to IP networks? However, you can’t do that until there is a national broadband infrastructure that will need a lot more than copper-based 2Mb/s. So until then, maybe keeping FM is the thing to do…

The wrong answers

Published 24 June 2009

BBC’s Mark Thompson attacks plans to ‘top-slice’ licence fee BBC pledges crackdown on ‘intrusive and humiliating’ broadcasts If politicians tend to live in a world of their own, as evidenced…

Point of contention

Published 18 June 2009

Ben Bradshaw tells BBC: to save the licence fee, share it It’s not surprising that the final Digital Britain report has provoked a wide range of reactions, and it was…

Endangered species

Published 15 June 2009

Primeval dropped by ITV BBC set for clash over plans to give part of licence fee to rivals These two media stories may be fundamentally different in their nature but…

Hitting a raw nerve

Published 12 May 2009

BSkyB cries foul over BBC Trust’s Project Canvas consultation When BSkyB gets publicly upset over something it’s usually because there’s a potential risk of its market dominance being curtailed in…

Choice, but not too much of it

Published 27 April 2009

Government must be bolder on digital radio, says Global chief Stephen Miron You can clearly hear the sound of desperation in Stephen Miron’s voice as he pleads to central government…

Piling on the pressure

Published 1 April 2009

Channel Five boss claims government sees logic of merger with Channel 4 It seems that Dawn Airey and RTL have spotted a gap in the broadcasting wilderness and are desperately…

Sky suggest Channel 4 should re-enter Pay TV market – SHOCK!

Published 9 March 2009

Most solutions to Channel 4’s problems envision a continuation of free to air television. Funnily enough Sky don’t. Who would have thought it?

Will anyone save Channel 4?

Published 25 February 2009

MPs’ report expected to question BBC and Channel 4 linkup Over recent months, around 90% of the media-related ministerial report ‘leaks’ have been ‘surprisingly’ accurate, so we can assume that…

Well she would say that

Published 2 February 2009

Merger of Channels 4 and Five still possible, says Dawn Airey The ever-hopeful and clearly optimistic Dawn Airey is still making noises about a merger between Channel 4 and Five…

Stepwise migration

Published 29 January 2009

digital britain – interim report: Government outlines plans for UK’s digital transition Today saw the publication of (Lord) Stephen Carter’s interim report entitled “Digital Britain”, which in one sense is…

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