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A scoop for TVS news

Published 13 May 2024

TVS opens its new news studio in Reading in 1986

Tonight’s BBC-2… in 1964

Published 20 April 2024

A look at what wasn’t on BBC-2 on Monday 20 April 1964

BBC Studiolympia News

Published 6 September 2022

A souvenir of your visit to the Ideal Home Show in March 1965

Back in time for TV: 1974

Published 8 May 2019

H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1974 to find out what was on the telly…

That was the decade that was

Published 28 August 2018

James Green of the London Evening News looks back at a decade (and slightly more) of Rediffusion and ITV in 1967

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Wednesday 22 May 2024