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Spotlight 1971: London

Published 4 June 2024

About Thames and London Weekend Television and the London region’s transmitters

Demonstration of Colour Television to Members of Parliament

Published 22 July 2022

The BBC tests NTSC colour on 405-lines for the benefit of MPs

One giant leap for home entertainment

Published 12 July 2021

The traffic stops as BBC-2 stumbles into colour…

Progress in television

Published 25 September 2020

The BBC brings us up to speed on recent developments in television in 1961

Baird Television and the fire

Published 16 September 2020

Disaster strikes television development as the Crystal Palace burns down

A year of colour

Published 23 April 2018

David Attenborough looks back at a year of BBC-2 in colour

A Solid Step Forward

Published 12 March 2018

A look at how IBA transmitters were going solid-state in 1975

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Liverpool, Wednesday 19 June 2024