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Seconds out

Published 12 April 2013

BLOG: Ding-dong the radio is censored

Sky low

Published 25 January 2011

I’m no particular fan of this present government. I’m hardly unique in this, but I’m still finding it hard to accept that we appear to have got both the furthest-to-the-right…

Party politics

Published 16 April 2010

What do the mainstream parties have to say about the future of broadcasting?

Not the only game in town

Published 18 January 2010

Cost of TV sport to tumble as Ofcom turns screw on Sky Some people appear to be rather puzzled as to why the Conservatives in particular seem ambivalent towards Ofcom’s…

Saving Thatcher’s child

Published 7 January 2009

Let Channel 4 make its own shows, says shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt Bearing in mind that the Conservative Party occasionally seems to change certain policies depending on whatever consensus…

This still doesn’t work

Published 31 March 2008

End BBC grip on licence fee You can tell that the Conservatives aren’t in power yet (and desperate for ideas) as they end up grasping an old policy that was…

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