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Jerry Springer’s non-blaspheming opera

Published 5 March 2008

Well it looks like the battle has finally ended. Surely? The news that the House of Lords have refused to hear an appeal from Christian Voice in their attempts to procecute the BBC for blasphemy for showing Jerry Springer: The Opera.

No Voice for Christian Voice

Published 5 December 2007

Springer opera court fight fails “As a whole [it] was not and could not reasonably be regarded as aimed at, or an attack on, Christianity or what Christians held sacred”…

Review of the Year: 2005

Published 15 December 2005

A look back at a busy year of broadcasting January – Jerry Springer, who’ll buy ITV and a new look to Channel 4. 2005 got off to a bang when…

A Cut Too Far

Published 18 January 2005

Media Guardian: Fearful US TV networks censor more shows The news that Fox are going to pixelate a bare pair of buttons from a cartoon that was first shown five…

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