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Keeping their word

Published 22 March 2010

Channel 4 select committee review is a stinker Channel 4 may have been doing relatively well as of late, even whilst managing to dodge all the problems that have similarly…

On the sidelines

Published 6 November 2008

UTV criticises Channel 4 for backing out of digital radio project It may be true that if Channel 4 Radio had been up and running two years ago it could…

Future lessons from the past

Published 13 October 2008

As someone who remains of the opinion that what the British Government did in the years 1945-51 to establish major post-war institutions (despite the country being nearly bankrupt) was brilliant…

On the wrong wavelength

Published 28 April 2008

Digital radio needs a makeover, says Ofcom According to Peter Davis who is Ofcom’s director of radio and multimedia, DAB just requires a “Freeview-style relaunch” and also claims that “It’s…

More gloom for DAB

Published 28 March 2008

Digital Spy: Channel 4’s DAB mux faces more delays This isn’t really that surprising but such news will just conspire to add more gloom to radio industry executives; it now…

Digital delay

Published 11 December 2007

Channel 4 speech radio launch delayed Whilst television is moving full steam ahead towards the main part of the region-by-region analogue TV transmitter switchoff, digital radio has been encountering more…

Reception trouble

Published 28 March 2007

Channel 4 queries rival digital radio bid The National Grid Wireless Bid The 4 Digital bid Today was the deadline for the submission of bids to run the new second…

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