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Permissiveness, Violence and the Producer

Published 24 February 2023

Where does the responsibility lie for presenting violent or permissive material to a wide audience in the home environment?

I say NO to TV censorship

Published 11 April 2016

Michael Foot takes aim at those who want to see television made cozy

Seconds out

Published 12 April 2013

BLOG: Ding-dong the radio is censored

The right to know

Published 16 October 2009

Parliament and free speech: The right to know The Minton report If ever anyone were still sanguine about the right of free speech in this country, the débâcle this week…

People have opinions

Published 24 July 2009

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson faces row over new Gordon Brown slurs Perhaps as predictable as night following day, controversial TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has again stirred the proverbial hornets’ nest…

Earthy language

Published 9 April 2008

Ofcom raps BBC over Live Earth swearing Last summer’s Live Earth concerts turned out to be controversial not only for the nature of the BBC’s coverage (judged by some to…

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