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Land-Lines for Broadcasting in Germany

Published 10 February 2023

A detailed technical explanation of how Germany’s landline networking is monitored and supervised

Hopes of Yorkshire television

Published 8 February 2021

No, not that Yorkshire Television. This is the first television for Yorkshire, the BBC, which could be on air by 1950

TV cable across Atlantic?

Published 18 November 2020

Will it ever be possible to exchange television across the Atlantic? Bell Laboratories have a plan to lay a cable in 1955

Cable ties

Published 23 July 2015

1982: another report into cable television

Wave of the future

Published 11 November 2014

In 1972, TV Guide asks if cable television will catch on in the US by offering original programming

Extreme Channel Makeover

Published 11 September 2010

Chase McPherson on the dizzying parade of changing brands in the US cable TV market

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