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World Service – It’s not just for night owls!

Published 6 June 2023

With the coming of BBC Radio 5, UK listeners are encouraged to tune into the World Service for the first time

Time in Broadcasting: Automatic time switching of BBC External Service programmes

Published 21 October 2022

Part two of a series on how time is measured and broadcast by the BBC

Reference Library

Published 10 October 2022

In an age before Google, one of the most vital parts of the BBC was its reference libraries


Published 20 September 2021

The BBC African Service has to move fast when Rhodesia unilaterally declares independence

Albania on the blink

Published 12 July 2018

The Guardian mourns the closure of the BBC Albanian Service in 1967

The Key to a Long Gone Door

Published 1 November 2013

BLOG: A little bit of Bush House to take with me wherever I go

Farewell, Bvsh Hovse

Published 12 July 2012

BLOG: The BBC World Service’s main studios fall silent for the first time since 1940

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