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Thompson’s legacy

Published 14 March 2012

BLOG: Preparing to say goodbye to Mark Thompson

Redefining Auntie

Published 6 October 2011

BLOG: Delivering Quality First is coming

Asian savings

Published 14 March 2011

To be honest I really wasn’t expecting this U-turn over the planned closure of the BBC Asian Network radio station, even though the BBC Trust’s reprieve of BBC Radio 6…

Reversing strategy

Published 4 July 2010

Since the recently proposed BBC cutbacks (6 Music/Asian Network closures and website downscaling) were originally leaked to The Times newspaper ahead of publication, it’s unsurprising to learn of another ‘leak’…

The 6 Music effect

Published 13 May 2010

It seems that the widely-publicised campaign to save BBC Radio 6 Music from threatened closure has not only significantly increased the station’s weekly reach – having now passed the magic…

Most people like the BBC as it is

Published 3 March 2010

Although the article leads on a poll result that suggest that the majority of the UK population are “broadly in favour” of the proposed BBC cuts, a new poll published…

Beating the retreat

Published 2 March 2010

BBC to cut £100m from overhead costs and axe digital stations BBC Strategy Review document (PDF file) When proposing something as major as the closure of public services like radio…

Sacrificial lamb

Published 26 February 2010

BBC ‘to axe radio stations and halve website’ in strategic review The Times: BBC signals an end to era of expansion (enjoy it free whilst you can) It seemed that…

Asian Sound

Published 15 August 2001

From Leicester to national: a success story

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