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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Published 26 December 2022

A comprehensive record of television and radio schedules during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September 2022

Stars and wipes

Published 10 November 2021

A series of Associated-Rediffusion video dramas make their way on to ABC in the United States

A World Listened and Watched

Published 22 November 2018

How the four American networks – ABC, CBS, Mutual and NBC – covered the assassination of President Kennedy

Here is the news… costing one million dollars

Published 1 November 2018

ITN’s News Editor Mark Andrews is shocked by Barbara Walters in 1976

Peyton Place… 76 acres of real life

Published 6 April 2018

An in-depth look at the people behind the scenes at hit soap opera Peyton Place in 1967

Next up: 107 dogs, two cats – and other come-ons to keep you watching

Published 11 September 2017

Is clickbait a new thing? Find out in this 1981 article

Redefining Regional TV – American Style

Published 11 May 2008

US experience proves ITV wrong

American Identity

Published 31 December 2006

Everything you hate about UK prez we learned from the USA

All Change

Published 14 June 2001

Programme sales

ITV, American Style

Published 14 June 2001

US policy

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