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The Short Waves: W3XAL, Bound Brook, New Jersey

Published 28 March 2024

Experimental transmissions from NBC in 1938

Broadcasting in Britain: The Formative Years

Published 25 November 2022

Part one of a brief technical history of broadcasting in Britain

How the world was circled by a band of steel

Published 16 June 2022

The 50th anniversary of the BBC Empire Service is marked by a look at how it was established

Ten Years of Technical Progress

Published 6 May 2022

Looking back at the first ten years of technical developments at the BBC

Heard around the world

Published 18 August 2016

The BBC Year-book of 1931 explains how a King’s speech was heard around the world

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Friday 24 May 2024