Radio technology

Motor-Car Radio

30 January 2023

A new invention is making its way from the US: radios for the car. But can they ever work?

“What are the Wild Waves Saying?”

7 December 2017

The BBC’s chief engineer in 1923 takes a tongue-in-cheek look back at the trials and tribulations of developing simultaneous broadcasting (networking as we would now call it)

Is DAB Dead?

8 April 2008

What is really going on?

Dead And Buried?

9 March 2008

Is DAB on the way out?

Microsoft Strikes Again

10 January 2008

Why can’t I listen to MyClassicFM?

Pure Evoke II

1 January 2004

Reviewed: The ultimate portable DAB/FM radio


1 May 2003

It has well and truly arrived, but is it worth switching?

The quality and the width

15 August 2001

What’s more important – more services or better sound?

Arcam Alpha 10

15 August 2001

Reviewed: A DAB receiver for the hifi enthusiast

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