TV franchise – the picture is unclear

18 October 2018

Ructions at City Road as Tyne Tees wins its franchise in 1980 but is ordered to restructure

Welcome to Tyne Tees!

15 January 2016

Local luminaries and famous stars send Tyne Tees and The Viewer their best wishes

A Fond Farewell

17 August 2005

Tyne Tees is laid to rest, and City Road closed.

Rebranding TTTV

2 February 2004

A brand new spangley new look hits the station, and slowly starts being chipped away.

We Are One (Honest)

2 February 2004

ITV try to unite under one logo.

Suddenly Gone

2 February 2004

The branding decisions that ‘made’ C3NE.

Three’s Company

2 February 2004

The arrival and departure of Channel 3 North East.

The Accountants Move In

2 February 2004

Post-takeover and crippling costs hit the company as wave after wave of cutbacks occur.

Back in the Old Gang

2 February 2004

Yorkshire takes over Tyne Tees for the second time.

Forging the Trident

2 February 2004

From advertising sales to casinos via Tyne Tees and Yorkshire – the odd tale of Trident Television.

First Night

2 February 2004

A look at the first night’s schedule.

Launching the Station

2 February 2004

TV hits the North East

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