Articles by Roddy Buxton

Central eyes

Published 13 April 2015

The struggles – at company level, in the studios and with politicians – as ATV became Central

Save Elstree!

Published 17 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the song and dance campaign to save ATV and Elstree studios

Central dismembered

Published 17 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the end of ATV and Central’s Birmingham citadel

This is Elstree, part 1

Published 4 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the history and development of ATV’s Elstree studios

This is Elstree, part 2

Published 4 October 2010

The second part of Roddy Buxton’s analysis sees ATV Network, ATV Midlands, Daybreak and Central at Elstree

A is for Alpha

Published 15 August 2010

How a former ABC cinema in Aston, Birmingham, became a power house of ITV production.

Paradise Lost Part IV – Central House

Published 25 April 2009

Extending the studios as Central launches

Paradise Lost Part III – The Nerve Centre

Published 30 November 2008

Roddy Buxton hits the 4th Floor

Paradise Lost Part II – Main Studios

Published 26 October 2008

Our exploration of ATV Centre continues

Paradise Lost: The ATV Centre Story – Part I

Published 23 September 2008

Goodbye to Broad Street

Inside Lenton Lane

Published 22 June 2008

East Midlands television centre

ATV Today – a Midland Montage

Published 11 May 2008

The regional story

Cinema for television

Published 8 January 2008

From ITC to Euston…

ATV’s Television Garden

Published 16 December 2007

ATV’s Television Garden

Whatever happened to Brookside Close?

Published 18 November 2007

Roddy Buxton explores the Brookside set

Radio 1 memories

Published 3 October 2007

Roddy Buxton remembers

A trip to Giltbrook

Published 2 September 2007

Central News East… or not

Schools & Colleges – 3

Published 1 August 2007

From the late 80s to the present

Schools & Colleges – 2

Published 1 July 2007

The OU and beyond

Schools & Colleges – 1

Published 1 June 2007

The history of educational TV

A trip to Broad Street

Published 1 March 2007

1997: time for a final trip around ATV Centre before all the gear is sold off.

Tiptoe through the Startups – 4

Published 2 December 2006

Roddy Buxton plunges into the TBS archives one more time.

Tiptoe through the Startups – 3

Published 2 November 2006

Roddy Buxton continues his trawl through the Transdiffusion archives

Tiptoe through the Startups – 2

Published 1 October 2006

Roddy continues his journey through the Transdiffusion archives.

Tiptoe through the Startups – 1

Published 2 September 2006

Roddy Buxton looks into the TBS basement files

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