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ITV getting big ideas

Published 26 January 2004

News at Ten Thirty “Mr Mannion also told Media Guardian he wants the ITV News Channel to beat BBC News 24’s ratings within a year.” Of course. Is this while…


Published 16 January 2004

No more Kilroy!


Published 12 January 2004

BBC pulls Kilroy-Silk show after anti-Arab comments I am in two minds about whether Kilroy should be axed for his article. I am not aware of the specific issues he…

Bragging about arts

Published 9 January 2004

Bragg: BBC4 a ‘fig leaf’ for arts coverage Lord Melvyn Bragg’s comments yesterday are interesting to see. I don’t think they are right. Yes, BBC 4 is certainly a place…

BBC Bias?

Published 10 December 2003

Here’s an interesting point. BBC Radio Five Live this morning had a phone in on whether people are better off under Labour. Towards the beginning, one of the invited commentators…

New News

Published 8 December 2003

Well, the long-awaited BBC News 24 rebrand has finally been realised, and it is really rather nice. I’ll start with the good points. The Studio is very much like the…

Firing Ingenuity

Published 28 November 2003

It is interesting to see how well the BBC copes when a power cut or other problem comes to head. In the main, things are as you would expect. All…

Government by spin

Published 1 March 2002

Kirk Northrop reports on Michael Brunson’s views of spin

Then and now

Published 1 September 2001

Kirk Northrop on changes in branding policy

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