Articles by Jeremy Rogers

Christmas Day on Associated-Rediffusion… in 1957

Published 24 December 2017

A look at what was on ARTV on Christmas Day 1957

Tonight’s Channel Television… in 1969

Published 30 August 2017

A look at what was on Channel on Saturday 30 August 1969

Pilkington: Dramatis Personæ

Published 29 August 2016

The people behind the Pilkington Report

Trouble with transmitters

Published 23 March 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Setting up ITV gets serious – transmitters (or the lack of them)

Choosing the companies

Published 5 January 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: The ITA picks the players for the new ITV in 1954

The Television Act

Published 6 October 2014

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: How vague legislation created a pin-sharp television system

Do the right thing

Published 1 September 2001

Jeremy Rogers on how ITV could have been different

Up the junction

Published 1 September 2001

Jeremy Rogers on the sordid art of controlling the gaps

Not our fault, squire

Published 1 February 2001

Jeremy Rogers finds no-one to blame

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