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Articles from 31 March 2006

What next for ITV?

Published 31 March 2006

Allen survives ITV challenge but pressure remains The fact that two organised attempts at a non-hostile ITV takeover should fail aren’t at all surprising: ITV still isn’t weak enough to…

Haldane Duncan Part 6: The Glendhu Factor – 2

Published 31 March 2006

Haldane Duncan learns never, ever to mess with a bear

Switching Signals

Published 31 March 2006

Imagine switching on the TV and finding that two major channels had swapped names. It happened in 1980s Australia…

Regionalism: A spent force?

Published 31 March 2006

Regional federalism was the foundation of ITV. Should we mourn its passing? Maybe not.

A Broader Aspect

Published 31 March 2006

Confusion surrounding TV aspect ratios has all happened before…

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