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Both sides of the camera

Published 8 April 2019

Our new subsite goes behind the cameras at ABC in Didsbury, Aston and Teddington in 1960

A pretty busy girl

Published 8 March 2019

A painfully sexist 1959 profile of actress Ann Taylor


Published 6 October 2018

Pete Singleton remembers his personal 1964

Peyton Place… 76 acres of real life

Published 6 April 2018

An in-depth look at the people behind the scenes at hit soap opera Peyton Place in 1967

CITV 1963

Published 19 June 2017

A look at what children were watching on ITV in 1963

Type specimen

Published 18 August 2015

In the Midlands and the North, the ultimate TV station starts the day

Tonight’s TV… in 1967

Published 17 June 2015

A look at what was on television on 17 June 1967

Choosing the companies

Published 5 January 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: The ITA picks the players for the new ITV in 1954

A is for Alpha

Published 15 August 2010

How a former ABC cinema in Aston, Birmingham, became a power house of ITV production.

RIP Johnny Dankworth

Published 7 February 2010

Sir John Dankworth dies aged 82.

The popular and unpopular with TBS writers

Published 6 February 2008

Over the last few months we’ve been rolling out a new feature at Transdiffusion. Nicknamed “More About”, it involves putting in a link next to articles to find out similar articles on particular subject.

Battle of the Alphas

Published 1 February 2007

British and US film series were a treat for 60s viewers

Tiptoe through the Startups – 4

Published 2 December 2006

Roddy Buxton plunges into the TBS archives one more time.

Howard Thomas Part 7: Lew Grade

Published 2 October 2005

The ultimate rite of passage


Published 3 September 2005

From 1955 to 2005 by way of changing priorities and consumerism

🔗 The players

Published 3 September 2005

The companies that made Thames

🔗 The shotgun marriage

Published 3 September 2005

Lord Hill’s diagnosis creates a new company

🔗 Taking Shape

Published 3 September 2005

Build a better ITV company

🔗 Lights camera inaction

Published 3 September 2005

The big launch makes a damp squib

🔗 Day in the life

Published 3 September 2005

Thames’s first day on air

🔗 Weekend World

Published 3 September 2005

The competition

Thames studios

Published 3 September 2005

From the Euston Road to the banks of the Thames

🔗 A Thames Special

Published 3 September 2005

What was it that made Thames stand out?

🔗 This is Euston

Published 3 September 2005

Memories of the centre of ITV

🔗 Take me to the river

Published 3 September 2005

Thames leaves a legacy we all can see today

The ITV Top 10: 4 – ABC

Published 3 September 2005

All bloody entertaining

Howard Thomas Part 6: The ITA

Published 2 September 2005

By the time ABC arrived, many decisions had been made. Howard wanted them changed.

Strange Magic – 1

Published 1 May 2005

Russ J Graham follows science fiction on TV – part 1

Four into three goes…

Published 1 April 2005

Three regions, four contractors. How? Why? asks Richard G Elen

Television Gets A Complex

Published 1 January 2005

The earliest architecture of television

Lew Grade Part 4: embracing the 1950s

Published 1 December 2004

ITC meets ABDC


Published 24 May 2004

Your Weekend TV

Indepth on ABC Weekend Television

Published 24 May 2004

The three section triangle

The New Rays of Light

Published 1 January 2004

Television moves in on the cinema and theatre


Published 1 February 2003

Branding with malice aforethought

Colin Weston

Published 1 January 2003

Continuity announcer

The List

Published 1 January 2003

All the stations, all the times

Pleased to announce

Published 1 September 2001

Robin Carmody on Authority Announcements

ITV 1956

Published 1 September 2001

Starting a network

ITV 1957

Published 1 September 2001

Covering just 4 regions

ITV 1967

Published 1 September 2001



Published 1 July 2001

Television takes on cinema in the regions

On and off

Published 1 July 2001

Notable ITV starts and closes

Slow to dominate

Published 14 June 2001

US networks

London Belongs To Television

Published 1 May 2001

How London and TV are inextricably bound

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