Newsround-up: ITV ‘merger’

7 October 2003

BBC Business News Video Clip: Rory Cellan-Jones on BBC News BBC Business News Q&A BBC Entertainment sees things from a programme perspective BBC voxpops filler on Carlton-Granada merger The Guardian…

ITV Loses its Place

7 October 2003

It is hard to imagine that the Granada/Carlton merger, mooted for so long, could do anything other than steepen ITV1’s slide into mediocrity. In the best (or worst) Thatcherite tradition…

Money Talks.

7 October 2003

The estimated savings from the combination of Carlton and Granada’s broadcasting businesses are around £50m a year… One of the first things to go? Well according to a report on…


7 October 2003

The ITC have approved the “merger” of Granada and Carlton. Most likely outcome: both companies continue to exist as seperate entities, but the broadcast licences of both will be merged…

Sky move away from football.

7 October 2003

The year was 1999 and BSkyB tried to buy Manchester United Football club. In many ways it seemed the perfect deal – a large broadcaster with a huge reliance on…

Sky News Ireland

5 October 2003

Press release Sky News are to launch a 9pm news programme targetted at the Republic of Ireland, to go out on the pre-existing version of Sky News with RoI adverts,…

Bong! (Again)

3 October 2003

One interesting thing from the ITC press release marking the end of news at when is this delightful little paragraph: "The change will also mean that most of the regional…

From the forge

2 October 2003

Granada writes An update to Telemusications – a very detailed article by Dave Jeffery, originally published by EMC in September 2002, is nothing less than hardcore presentation: the fonts of…


2 October 2003

ITC Press Release The useless ITC, now marking time waiting to become part of the useless OfGums, have finally – finally – finally – decided: no more News at When….

EMC’s The Authority updated

30 September 2003

The Authority No new articles, but some additional nice illustrations from the Transdiffusion archives.

Here’s Johnny!

30 September 2003

After 17 years, Chris Tarrant is leaving Capital FM’s breakfast show in Spring 2004. His replacement? Johnny Vaughan. Why? Well according to the press release, "He’s modern, he’s down to…

Rising from the ITV Digital Ashes.

29 September 2003

A year and a half ago, the screens went black on ITV Digital as the company pulled the plug. Since then we’ve come a long way. A new free-to-air based…

I read the news today, oh boy…

28 September 2003

The sorry saga of ITV’s journey downmarket continues. Like an alcoholic always going to have “one last drink”, the executives at the Network Centre want to have the kudos of…

Moguls eye up ITV

27 September 2003

The BBC’s Nick Higham on selling off ITV – again The question no one is asking (not even Nick Higham here) is: would ITV as it stands now be worth…

Argh! The Daleks! Argh!

26 September 2003

Programme news isn’t really what this blog is for, so I apologise unreservedly. But hey this is just one piece of news that I simply have to break the rules…

A little bit of knowledge…

25 September 2003

The BBC Loses a Bit of Its Luster Thanks to regular contributor Joseph Gallant for pointing this piece of, er, journalism out. He says “I found this story on the…

ITV, prams and a free-to-view Solus card.

24 September 2003

Everyone wants something for nothing – even ITV. The national broadcaster moaned bitterly when the BBC withdrew funding for Solus cards which allow owners of Sky minidishes to view free-to-view…

A translator writes…

23 September 2003

ITV1 REFRESHES ON-AIR LOOK See also here EMBARGO: NOT FOR PUBLICATION BEFORE WEDNESDAY 27TH AUGUST 2003 because we’re scared ITV1 REFRESHES ON-AIR LOOK not that it was stale or ill-thought-out…

Transdiffusion News

23 September 2003

Whilst the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System has been around for about 40 years (we’re celebrating the big 4-0 next year for very complex reasons), 22 September is our anniversary on the…

I’ve come to wish you an Unhappy Birthday

22 September 2003

48 years of Independent Television, and ITV is celebrating by… doing nothing. No press release, no party, no special idents, no story on the awful Nothing at all. But…

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

22 September 2003

It appears David Liddiment has realised what some of us decided four years ago – ITV would be better off if it hadn’t originally ditched News at Ten, according to…

Happy Birthday to us!

21 September 2003

8pm on 22 September marks our 4th birthday on the web. Contrary to the impression I gave below, there’s no big splash of an update (senior management has spoken –…

Fourth time lucky?

21 September 2003

BBC News on end of RI:SE Poor C4. The Channel Four Daily, The Big Breakfast, an unexpected interregnum, and RI:SE (in two flavours). The Channel Four Daily (C4D) was an…


21 September 2003

I’m pleased to report 7DAYS has now had its new look completed (to be uploaded this evening, and thus ‘soft-launching’ this ‘blog), after a surprising amount of work! Next stop…

It’s time to get things started, it’s time to light the lights…

20 September 2003

Well, time to kick off MediaBlog in style. Or not – since this Blog officially doesn’t go ‘live’ until Monday evening. However, you can get a brief insight into my…

This is the second test post

20 September 2003

A bit boring, this, but worth the effort to get it right. I’m told. RJG

Welcome to new EMC sevendays weblog

1 September 2003

Obviously, this is currently under test. But you knew that.

Review of the Year: 2002

15 December 2002

The Transdiffusion team take a look at the past year in broadcasting. Five alive October saw Channel 5 join the club of stations rebranding. The station, now renamed ‘five’, took…

Review of the Year: 2001

15 December 2001

That was the year that was, it’s over, let it go

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1 September 2001

Dave Jeffery loathes sport on television

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Russ J Graham says the BBC is the best

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1 September 2001

Regions and how they work now

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1 September 2001

Kirk Northrop on changes in branding policy

Rewriting history

1 September 2001

Russ J Graham on the broadcasters’ greatest flaw

Celtic Times

1 September 2001

Ian Beaumont wants media independence for the south west

Spread South West

15 August 2001

Local radio makes its way down the Cornwall peninsular

From DAB to worse

15 August 2001

Poor bitrates and no stereo make DAB a dull boy

I am an oil tanker

15 August 2001

Reviewed: Fi Glover’s travels with her radio


15 August 2001

A personal view of DAB in Leicestershire

GWR in trouble

15 August 2001

The slow death of a radio behemoth

Psion Wavefinder

15 August 2001

Reviewed: The glow-in-the-dark PC DAB receiver

Digital diversity

15 August 2001

An end to the frequency shortage is in sight

As if by magic…

15 August 2001

Mike Brown’s personal view of AbracaDABra

Brand X

1 August 2001

Ian Beaumont on branding old and new

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