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The bigger Beacon Radio

Now covering Shropshire: 97.2 in West Midlands, 103.1 in Shropshire, 303/990 kHz


The Latest Hits and Greatest Memories

24 hours a day in Stereo For the West Midlands and Shropshire

We do it on the hour – Beacon Radio News

Welcome to exciting, entertaining Beacon Radio.

When you turn on to Beacon, you’ll find one of the most exciting radio stations in the UK! Our mix of music is unique; we call it ‘Latest hits and greatest memories’.

It means that every day we’re playing all the latest chart hits, plus some of the greatest music memories around.

Hear all the hits on Beacon

When it comes to music, we know you’ll hear the best on Beacon. But that’s only half the story. Beacon is also a caring station, in touch with the local community and its requirements.

Beacon broadcasts 24 hour coverage of local, national and international news and we bring you all the latest sporting action from around the globe. And every day between 9am and 5pm Beacon broadcasts a ‘Helpline’ service. Every month hundreds of listeners are helped by this service — from locating props for a local operatic society; to helping people in serious difficulty.

‘But above all Beacon Radio is entertaining’. We continually run on air competitions. We have celebration lines, school call and something we call the Mega Quiz — a simple telephone call is all that’s required and you could win a major prize!


Beacon Radio Programme Schedule

Monday to Friday

6-10am The Gordon Astley Breakfast Crew (Beacon WestMidlands).

6-10am The Will Tudor Breakfast Crew (Beacon Shropshire).

10-12 noon Dale Winton plays more latest hits and greatest memories plus charts with the showbiz stars.

12 O’clock Beacon’s half hour non-stop music marathon.

12.30pm Stephen Rhodes invites you to have your say with our on-air phone in ‘The Talk of the Midlands’.

2-6pm Mike Baker with some Love in the Afternoon. Followed by the Beacon Radio Mega Quiz

6-9pm Tony Paul, the ‘designer’ programme. Music and style with at 7.15pm The Beacon Music Marathon

9-10pm Barry Curtis plays the best reggae and soul.

10pm-1am Andy Wint with the Beacon Song Search followed by the Midnight line phone show.

Beacon continues around the clock with Graham Hall, Pete Clements and Bob Davies.


6-10am The Dick Fisher Breakfast Crew.

10-12 noon Tony Paul with more of Beacons Latest Hits.

12-2pm Two hours of our greatest music memories.

2-5pm Gordon and Pat with Beacon’s afternoon show including sport. Listen, you won’t believe it.

5-7pm Three hours of Country Music.

7-10pm Beacons Jazz & Classics Show.

10pm-1am Late Night Beacon

Beacon continues around the clock with Graham Hall, Pete Clements and Bob Davies.


7-10am Kids Stuff with Graham Hall.

10-12 noon Mick Wright with more of our greatest hits plus the West Midlands top 20.

2-7pm Beacons ‘Call the World’ followed by the nations network chart show with Kid Jenson.

7-9pm Jhankar and on 103.1 FM The Will Tudor album show

9pm Beacon’s religious programme with Wayne Bodkin

11pm Late Night Beacon

Beacon continues around the clock with Graham Hall, Pete Clements and Bob Davies.




Map showing the dual region









DAYTIME PACKAGE – Monday to Sunday between 0700 & 1900

10 secs 20 secs 30 secs 40 secs 50 secs 60 secs
1+ spots 27.00 41.50 53.00 68.50 84.50 106.00
21+ spots 25.50 40.00 49.50 66.00 81.00 98.00
35+ spots 24.00 37.50 48.00 62.50 77.50 95.00
49+ spots 22.50 36.00 46.50 61.00 75.00 92.00


Contract levels

Amount of Total Net Expenditure Required £5000+ £10000+ £15000+ £20000+ £25000+ £30000+
Discount 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%




DAYTIME PACKAGE – Monday to Sunday between 0700 & 1900

10 secs 20 secs 30 secs 40 secs 50 secs 60 secs
1+ spots 5.00 7.50 9.00 11.50 13.50 18.00
21+ spots 4.50 7.00 8.50 11.00 13.00 17.00
35+ spots 4.00 6.50 8.00 10.50 12.50 16.00
49+ spots 3.50 6.00 7.50 10.00 12.00 15.00


Contract levels

Amount of Total Net Expenditure Required £2000+ £6000+ £10000+ £14000+ £18000+ £22000+
Discount 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%




DAYTIME PACKAGE – Monday to Sunday between 0700 & 1900

10 secs 20 secs 30 secs 40 secs 50 secs 60 secs
1+ spots 22.00 34.00 44.00 57.00 71.00 88.00
21+ spots 21.00 33.00 41.00 55.00 68.00 81.00
35+ spots 20.00 31.00 40.00 52.00 65.00 79.00
49+ spots 19.00 30.00 39.00 51.00 63.00 77.00


Contract levels

Amount of Total Net Expenditure Required £5000+ £10000+ £15000+ £20000+ £25000+ £30000+
Discount 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%


Commercial production

Full facilities for the production of commercials, jingles and audio visual tracks are available. A rate card is available on request and the Beacon Radio commercial production staff are always ready to offer expert advice and guidance.

Commercial production is invoiced separately.

Co-funding and specialist packages

Details of co-funding, specialist packages and answer phone facilities are available on request.







To qualify for local advertiser rates, the advertiser must sell his goods or services wholly or mainly within the Beacon Radio transmission area.

These rates will be made available at the sole discretion of Beacon Radio.

Package Plans

A Package Plan comprises a series of commercials that are transmitted evenly throughout the week from Monday to Sunday between the hours indicated (Early week package Sunday to Wednesday).

The tables overleaf show the varying cost per spot dependent upon the length of the commercial, the number of commercials in the package and the type of package purchased.


Subject to availability, an advertisers request for preference days will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed without a fixing surcharge. Commercials can only be fixed into specific days and hours when purchased at the day-time rate. A 20% surcharge will be made to fix into the specific clock hours and a 5% surcharge to fix into specific days.




Cash With Order Discount

A discount of 5% of order value, or 10% bonus air time will be made available for payments made at the same time as an order is placed. This applies to orders for air time only.

NB: This is not a pre-payment discount.

New Advertisers

Advertisers who are non-credit recognised by Beacon Radio, will be expected to present cash with order. If cheques are submitted, these must be received by Beacon Radio at least 7 working days before date of transmission. Account facilities available on request.

Credit Accounts

Accounts are payable by any approved credit customer of the Company not later than the last day of the month following the month of broadcast. The existence of a query on any individual item on the Account shall not affect the due date of payment of the Account.

Overdue Accounts

Accounts not payed by the due date will be subject to a surcharge of 2½% per month for every month or part month that the Account is outstanding.

Terms and Conditions

Beacon Radio reserves the right to change the rates and classifications contained herein. In the event of such a change the rates payable and the terms and conditions applicable shall be those in force at the time of broadcasting. The full Terms and Conditions of Trading are available on request from Beacon Radio Sales. Every order is subject to a 28 day full capital for cancellation clause.


All rates are subject to VAT.





Beacon Radio’s got you covered

The Beacon Radio region


On July 14th 1987, Beacon Radio is launching a brand new service for Shropshire.

Initially, Beacon Shropshire will broadcast from 6am to 10am everyday, with Beacon West Midlands output for the rest of the day.

Local radio for Shropshire The station will be geared specifically for the special needs of listeners in the Shropshire area and as the station grows, the broadcast time will increase, with the ultimate goal of full 24 hours a day broadcasting for Shropshire.

All the latest regional news Beacon Shropshire is an exciting new development in independent local radio. It will combine news and events from around the area, together with Beacons unique approach to music and entertainment.

Look out tor the Beacon Bus To get the station off to a successful start, a special Beacon Bus will be travelling throughout Shropshire from July 14th to July 19th. Look out for it in your area. It’s your chance to join in the fun and meet the DJ’s.

Come along to the Beacon Roadshow And on July 18th, why not come down to the Special Beacon Radio Roadshow at The Square, Shrewsbury. It starts at 10am till 5pm, it’s totally Free, and it promises to be a great day out.

For further information, please contact Beacon Shropshire on 0743 232271 or call in at The Music Hall, The Square, Shrewsbury SY1 1LH.


Beacon Radio: latest hits, greatest memories


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