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17 January 2014

Friday is upon us and it’s time for another scout around the internet to look at the various bits and pieces we like this week.



↑ Ruth and Tom have decided to try eating the 1950s way – specifically, those amazingly awful-looking, over-saturated recipes from 1950s advertising. There’s some good stuff in Ruth’s blog. And some really, really, disgusting stuff too. Mid-Century Menu

↑ From Retropia, our archive of all sorts non-broadcasting-y, this gem from Simon Smith and the BFI – a then-and-now tour around London in 1927 and 2013.

→ Speaking of Retropia, if you’re a fan of the retro and like incisive commentary on old ads and articles, get yourself over to Gypsy Creams now.


↑ Nick Higham takes us on a tour of the history of the BBCtv weather. Presenting a warm front: 60 years of the British TV weather forecast

→ Are you a Sherlock fan? Writer and script editor Andrew Ellard looks at what worked and what didn’t in Sunday’s episode, His Last Vow.


↑ Over on Twitter, Russ spotted the above lovely image on, of all things, The One Show. Follow Russ on Twitter.

↑ This little bit of loveliness was sent to us by @mumoss on Twitter, having been seen on YouTube by Michael Kalman. Canada is great!

→ And finally… if you don’t follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ve missed out on some great stuff this week. You could’ve been looking at tall cylindrical masts, BBC-2 marching across the UK and getting help from the ITA for the switch to UHF and colour amongst a lot else. See you there next week, perhaps?

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