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Articles from 11 February 2008

GCap’s DAB debacle

Published 11 February 2008

As my colleagues here have been reporting here on the MediaBlog, GCap have annouced the sale of Xfm outside London, the closure of all GCap’s digital-only stations on the national…

The GCap/DAB saga continues

Published 11 February 2008

The GCap/DAB story just keeps coming up with new twists as more articles get published. In an article about the economic viability of DAB on the Media Guardian website, there’s an interesting comment from Fru Hazlitt.

GCap Abandons XFM

Published 11 February 2008

Whilst most of the emphasis has gone onto GCap closing digital stations and selling its stake in DigitalOne, this mornings announcement also included some other major news that stands the chance of being less widely considered by the press. GCap are selling XFM.

The phoenix of Colorado

Published 11 February 2008

A station returns from the dead

The Corporation at Christmas – BBC1

Published 11 February 2008

BBC1 Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

The Corporation at Christmas – Intro

Published 11 February 2008

BBC TV Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

Rise and fall of a comedy king

Published 11 February 2008

Benny Hill and the winds of change in TV comedy

Bureaucracy Killed the Radio Star

Published 11 February 2008

A life in student radio

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
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