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Articles from 1 March 2007

It’s that girl again

Published 1 March 2007

The birth of an iconic image

Pay for my TV? Not likely!

Published 1 March 2007

Following on from the Sky blackout for Virgin customers, it’s also not going to be long before Sky turn something else off. The free months subscription they gave me to…

A trip to Broad Street

Published 1 March 2007

1997: time for a final trip around ATV Centre before all the gear is sold off.

Cheap tricks

Published 1 March 2007

Sky urges Virgin customers to switch BSkyB’s latest move in this unfolding saga of Virgin Media-baiting may not win it many friends, either amongst Virgin Media customers (who may either…

Haldane Duncan Part 11: The Cologne Diaries

Published 1 March 2007

Haldane tackles German versions of well-known series

Half-forgotten great

Published 1 March 2007

Sir Ian Trethowan, BBC DG, profiled

Flat-screen chaos

Published 1 March 2007

You’d think the headlong rush to acquire large flat-screen TVs – that cost more to run, have a larger carbon footprint, and give a poorer picture than the CRT-based sets…

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