Launch Dates: Independent Local Radio 

19 December 2006

Only original IBA-awarded contracts are listed here.

Station Area Official launch
Radio 210 Thames Valley Reading 8-Mar-76
2CR – Two Counties Radio Bournemouth 15-Sep-80
Radio Aire Leeds 1-Sep-81
Beacon Radio Wolverhampton 12-Apr-76
BRMB Birmingham 19-Feb-74
Radio Broadland Norwich 1-Oct-84
Capital Radio London 16-Oct-73
CBC Radio Cardiff 11-Apr-80
Centre Radio Leicester 7-Sep-81
Chiltern Radio Luton 15-Oct-81
Chiltern Radio Bedford 1-Mar-82
Radio City Liverpool 21-Oct-74
Radio Clyde Glasgow 31-Dec-73
Radio County Sound Guildford 4-Apr-83
DevonAir Radio Exeter 7-Nov-80
DevonAir Radio Torbay 12-Dec-80
Downtown Radio Belfast 16-Mar-76
Essex Radio Southend-on-Sea 12-Sep-81
Essex Radio Chelmsford 10-Dec-81
Radio Forth Edinburgh 22-Jan-75
GB Radio Newport 13-Jun-83
Radio Hallam Sheffield 1-Oct-74
Hereward Radio Peterborough 10-Jul-80
Hereward Radio Northampton 1-Oct-84
Invicta Sound Kent 1984
LBC London 8-Oct-73
Marcher Sound/Sain-Y-Gororau Wrexham 5-Sep-83
Mercia Sound Coventry 23-May-80
Radio Mercury Crawley 20-Oct-84
Metro Radio Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15-Jul-74
Moray Firth Radio Inverness 23-Feb-82
Northsound Radio Aberdeen 27-Jul-81
Radio Orwell Ipswich 28-Oct-75
Pennine Radio Bradford 16-Sep-75
Pennine Radio Huddersfield 1984
Piccadilly Radio Manchester 2-Apr-74
Plymouth Sound Plymouth 19-May-75
Red Rose Radio Preston 5-Oct-82
Sain-Y-Gororau/ Marcher Sound Wrecsam 5-Sep-83
Saxon Radio Bury St Edmunds 6-Nov-82
Severn Sound Gloucester 23-Oct-80
Signal Radio Stoke-on-Trent 5-Sep-83
Southern Sound Radio Brighton 29-Aug-83
Swansea Sound Swansea 30-Sep-74
Radio Tay Dundee 17-Oct-80
Radio Tay Perth 14-Nov-80
Radio Tees Stockton-on-Tees 24-Jun-75
Radio Trent Nottingham 3-Jul-75
Radio Victory Portsmouth 14-Oct-75
Viking Radio Hull 17-Apr-84
Radio West Bristol 27-Oct-81
Westsound Radio Ayr 4-Dec-81
Westsound Radio Girvan 4-Dec-81
Wiltshire Radio Swindon 12-Oct-82
Radio Wyvern Worcester 4-Oct-82

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Boggenstrovia 18 April 2014 at 12:05 am

No Ocean Sound in this list?

Radio Victory is there, but surely the company who took over from Victory should be on the list as well.

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